Proximity Marketing

Engage with shoppers where and when it matters most.

Swirl’s Proximity Marketing module provides retailers with the industry’s most advanced set of tools for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing in-store mobile marketing campaigns. Designed and built from the ground up by marketers for marketers, the Swirl platform offers a powerful set of capabilities to take advantage of GPS, WiFi and BLE signals. Swirl’s intuitive interface and leading feature set make it easy for anyone to deliver compelling and highly targeted mobile experiences to retail store shoppers.

Rich Mobile Experiences & Privacy Controls

Swirl’s interactive mobile content formats offer the industry’s most flexible and interactive location-triggered experiences. Our full screen creative units support single or multi-page content, multi-layered designs, interactive HTML formatting, deep links to mobile app or mobile web pages, barcode and promo code generators and a full set of social sharing features. With Swirl’s advanced DataFrame™ and CRM Data Onboarding features, marketers can deliver dynamic and highly personalized content at precise locations in and near their stores. Consumer-friendly privacy controls allow retailers to maintain the highest levels of trust and transparency with shoppers.

A Full Suite of Creative Authoring Tools

Swirl Creator™ allows anyone to build beautiful and engaging, mobile-friendly content. Purpose-built for proximity-triggered mobile experiences and developed based on extensive in-field testing, it can be used independently or in conjunction with existing graphical design tools, content and digital asset management systems. Even marketers with no graphic design experience can quickly create compelling mobile experiences. With a full suite of design and editing tools, reuseable templates, drag and drop creative assembly, a multi-device preview capability and integrated workflow and approval processes, you’ll have everything you need to manage the entire creative development process.

Industry-Leading Campaign Management Capabilities

Swirl’s robust campaign management capabilities provide everything a marketer needs to create and manage mobile presence marketing campaigns. A highly intuitive interface, point and click campaign creation and “on the fly” editing make it easy to get started and simple to manage every aspect of every campaign. Controls for advanced audience targeting, weather targeting, start/stop dates, dayparting, dwell time triggers and frequency capping ensure that relevant and meaningful mobile experiences are delivered to the right person at the right time and place. And with multivariate testing capabilities, marketers can seamlessly launch and evaluate multiple campaign variations to optimize performance over time.

Audience Targeting Powered by Automated CRM Data Onboarding

Swirl’s advanced targeting engine allows marketers to create an unmatched level of message and content relevance. The Swirl Targeting Wizard™ guides users through a step-by-step process for targeting campaigns based on store location, signal placement, date and time, mobile app audience, shopper profile and behaviors, and more. And with Swirl’s automated CRM Data Onboarding capability, marketers can even create custom audience segments with no programming required. Reuseable targeting packages save time by allowing previously saved parameters to be applied at any time to any campaign. Targeted packages can even be extended to specific brand partners (through Swirl’s Digital Shopper Marketing Exchange), allowing retailers to monetize their in-store location signals.

Swirl Accuweather Console

Weather Targeting Powered by AccuWeather

Through a unique partnership with AccuWeather, Swirl platform users can tailor and trigger indoor mobile content based on a shopper’s local weather conditions. This industry-first integration of weather and indoor location enables retailers and brands to drive the highest levels of in-aisle contextual relevance available in mobile today. With instant access to weather conditions and forecasts for more than 2 million locations worldwide, marketers can target specific in-store mobile experiences using a variety of local weather data including temperature, wind, precipitation, UV index, pollen count and more.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Swirl’s Analytics & Reporting Dashboard provides marketers with real-time visibility into campaign performance, including key indicators such as store traffic, visit duration, content views, app engagement rates and much more. Compare performance across stores, signal placements, time of day, campaigns, audiences and creative units. Pre-set date ranges and advanced filtering options can be used to quickly access the data you need, and data can be displayed in standardized reports or easily extracted for custom analysis or integration with third party reporting/BI systems.

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