In-Store Mobile Media Exchange (MMx)

Powering the Future of Brand-Sponsored In-Store Marketing

Swirl’s In-Store Mobile Media Exchange software (MMx) enables retailers to monetize the location signals in their stores, allowing them to establish their own private, brand-funded, in-store mobile media network. By connecting existing in-store digital location signals (including WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons) to MMx, retailers are able to offer trusted brand partners a powerful new way to promote their products at specific locations within the store. Swirl’s fully-automated platform provides everything a retailer needs to create and control these valuable new interactive merchandising opportunities in their aisles. It’s the future of brand-sponsored in-store marketing and it’s here today.

For Shoppers

An enhanced in-store experience for today’s mobile consumer with engaging brand-sponsored digital content delivered automatically to shopper smartphones at precise locations within the store.

For Retailers

A platform for extending relationships with strategic partners while unlocking valuable new brand budgets and market development funds.

For Brands

An opportunity to increase product sell- through and engagement by influencing consumer purchase decisions with innovative new mobile merchandising and in-store digital promotion programs.

Powered by Swirl. Controlled by You.

digital location signals in your stores

connections with location-enabled consumer audiences

Create and price
in-store mobile media packages

brand partners with platform and media access

program performance and generate first party shopper behavioral data

Everything you need to monetize the mobile airwaves in your store.

A Fully Automated Solution

MMx makes it easy for retailers to deploy and manage their own private in-store mobile media network. Designed for marketers, Swirl’s end-to-end platform offers everything a retailer needs to manage in-store digital location signals, mobile audiences, brand partner access, program pricing and budgets, and even creative approvals. MMx comes complete with a full set of tools for your brand partners (and their agencies), enabling them to launch and monitor new promotions with ease.

One Platform, A Myriad of Applications

Your brand partners are as unique as the products they provide. And their channel marketing needs are just as varied.  That’s why Swirl created a platform that is flexible enough to support virtually any shopper marketing campaign that can be imagined.

Program Goals
  • Convert
  • Inform
  • Introduce
  • Educate
  • Enhance
  • Entertain
  • Learn
Creative Formats
  • App link
  • eCircular
  • Interactive guide
  • Lookbook
  • Product reviews
  • Video
  • Webpage
Promotion Types
  • Contests
  • Games
  • Offers
  • Rebates
  • Specials
  • Sweepstakes
Delivery Options
  • Proximity-triggered mobile push notification
  • User-initiated pull, driven by in-store signage
Complete Retailer Control

We know that everything a shopper sees in your store is a reflection of your brand. That’s why we designed MMx to provide retailers with full control of the mobile experience. From managing access to brand partners, mobile app audiences and specific in-store locations to enforcing shopper experience standards with creative approvals, frequency caps, and dwell time triggers, you’re always in charge. And with Swirl’s cloud-based console, real-time results monitoring is just a click away.

Precise Targeting and Personalization

With MMx, retailers and brands can move beyond the static, one-size-fits-all messaging limitations of traditional in-store promotions. In their place, dynamic in-store merchandising zones can be set up to deliver an endless array of content tailored to an individual shopper’s preferences, purchase patterns, in-store shopping behaviors, recency and frequency of past interactions, and more. And Swirl’s cloud-based platform makes it easy to target promotions based on store or aisle location, time of day, day of week, and even the mobile app used to deliver the content.

Better Measurement for Improved Performance

Today’s marketers rely on performance-based media and capabilities that allow them to accurately measure the impact of their digital investments. That’s why Swirl designed MMx with a complete set of tools for measuring, analyzing and optimizing the results of every program that is run on their network. Easy to understand campaign reports allow retailers to demonstrate to their brand partners the impact of their MDF investments and trade promotions. And optimization tools including A/B testing, automated control groups and real-time campaign updates allow you and your brand partners to easily optimize program performance.

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