Online to Offline Attribution

Best-in-Class Data for Optimizing your Digital Advertising Spend

Swirl’s Online to Offline Attribution solution allows retailers to understand the true ROI of individual digital campaigns by precisely measuring the resulting store or department-level traffic they drive. By leveraging the retailer’s own in-store location signals to verify store visits, Swirl delivers more accurate and timely behavioral data than any other attribution solution in the market. And better data means smarter digital advertising.

Driving Better Digital Advertising Performance

Verify store visits based on
interactions with in-store location signals

Optimize digital media investments based on a complete understanding of consumer behavior

Quantify the incremental impact of digital ad campaigns on store traffic

How it Works

Online Advertising

Targeted consumers view digital ads on third party websites & mobile properties

In-Store Shopping

Opted-in consumers walk into location-enabled stores with configured mobile apps


Swirl platform maps media impressions to verified in-store traffic based on IDFA and GAID matching

The Retail Industry’s Most Accurate and Reliable Attribution Solution

Attribution Solution
Attribution Solutions
Precision Store entrance or dept. visit & dwell General vicinity of store
Accuracy 100% – based on verified interactions with in-store location signals; works in background Limited – based on GPS signals or consumer surveys; requires active app usage
Data Source 1st party 3rd party
Reliability High – based on massive audience & retailer-controlled test parameters Low – based on small, incentivized consumer panels & vendor-driven analysis
Speed Real-time performance reporting 30-60 day delay in results reporting
Transparency High – easy to understand & full data access Low – black box algorithms & limited data access

Full Control & Transparency

Why rely on questionable third party data and services when you can access true first-party behavioral data based on location signals in your store? With Swirl, retailers are always in control. Just choose a campaign and set your measurement parameters. The system automatically maps ad impressions to store visits for 100% accuracy. It’s that easy.

Rapid & Easy-to-Understand Results

With Swirl’s real-time reporting capability, attribution results are updated every time a consumer smartphone interacts with an in-store location signal. That means you’ll always know which digital ads are impacting store traffic and when those results are statistically reliable. Faster results mean more opportunities for optimizing the performance of your digital advertising investments.

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